Hip Hop as a Catalyst for Change & Development

Reimagining the way we promote mental health and well-being among youth

Started in 2004, Beats Rhymes and Life (BRL) was established as one of the world's first innovative 'Hip Hop Therapy' models that uses the process of creating rap music to engage troubled teens in mental health services. What began as a desire to address stigma around young men of color seeking therapeutic services, BRL grew into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2011 and is currently recognized as a leader in the field of Hip Hop Therapy. BRL has blossomed into an emerging social enterprise that specializes in providing culturally responsive therapeutic care to diverse youth between the ages of 12-24. As the foremost provider of Hip Hop Therapy, BRL has expanded on its mission to promote mental health and social outcomes among marginalized youth by bringing community-defined strategies and innovation to the "helping professions." With a commitment to eliminating health disparities and making mental health services more accessible and useful to diverse populations, BRL continues to effect change on an individual, community and system level.

In order to increase our impact at the individual, community and systemic level we need your support. Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer of our organization or making a one-time donation.

By donating to BRL, you are supporting us in one of the following ways:

  • Maintaining workforce development for the TAY (Transitional Age Youth) who provide services within our programs.
  • Providing free therapeutic and expressive arts services to youth (ex. BRL Therapeutic Activity Groups, open labs, etc.)
  • Offering and referring critical resources to youth participating in our programs.
  • Organizing community based events (ex. open mic, youth showcases, community discussions, etc.)
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